About Qingqiao
About Qingqiao

Qingqiao International Security Group was established in Hong Kong in April 2021. As a new member of the global security field, "Qingqiao International" has input fresh strength to safeguard world peace and security, and contributed to the community of

Digital defense
  • Defense equipment
    Based on the vertical data of international security, it is integrated into various defense equipment platforms; The algorithm module is embedded in various business systems, and the whole stack is self-researched, giving hardware AI intelligent flexible application in practical multi-scenarios.
  • Defense integration
    Special customization: basic network platform+system application, terminal open architecture, expandable and upgradeable.
  • Digital early warning
    Using artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things and other technologies, we will build a "bridge clearing digital detective" system to realize intelligent perception, early warning and real-time intervention and disposal.
  • Digital command
    Intelligent early warning of security risks, which integrates perception, monitoring, early warning, disposal and evaluation, realizes efficient command and disposal based on realistic logic and the deduction of the underlying database on the platform of realistic decision-making and command and dispatch of digital three-dimensional scenes.
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